Increase profits
from more
clients and zero
interest credit

Members of the network benefit from:


0% Credit

Business credit for goods and services.


Expanded Trade

New regional customers and suppliers.


Free Transfers

Zero costs for payments and transfers

A Simple Explanation?

Businesses on our network basically have a zero interest overdraft. It can only be used to purchase from other companies on the network. Negative balances are repaid by selling to this network. More trade and higher profits.

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Proven Concept

Credex is inspired by successful schemes in Italy (Sardex) and Switzerland (WIR Bank). These networks facilitate the equivalent of hundreds of millions of Euros in transactions each year.

Our 2019 Launch

Now open for applications from businesses in the West Midlands. Wide diversity of sectors and activities required. Must have capacity for more clients. Significant first-mover advantages.

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Apply in four easy steps:

Provide basic business details online: location, sector and activities, financial information. Click Here.

2. Engage Network

One of our trade brokers will be in contact to discuss your business and its place within our network.

3. Verify Account

If your business is suitable, you will be asked to verify your business location and financial information.

4. Begin Trading

Boost profitability with new clients and zero interest credit through our network.

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