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A proven concept that has operated in Switzerland since 1934. Credex is a business credit network that provides members more trading opportunities and zero interest credit.

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Simple Explanation

Businesses on our network have a zero interest credit facility, that works like an overdraft. It can be used to buy products and services from other network members. Negative balances are repaid by selling to the network. Make business purchases, trade more and boost profits.


Founding Member Offer

Lifetime Free Membership

Credex is developing the UK’s first business credit network. It will offer its members more trading opportunities and access to zero interest credit. We are currently recruiting one company from each business category. That company will have all the benefits of Credex with lifetime free membership. They will be the only one of their business category on the network until they agree otherwise.


Only one company from each business category:

See Founding Members Offer

Application Process:


Online Application

Provide basic information about your business and how you would use Credex.


Credex Analysis

We analyse your business and evaluate how it would add value to the business credit network.


Account Verification

If you are suitable, you will need to provide proof of identification and financial information.


Grow Your Business

Once verified, you can use our platform, connect to new partners and spend zero interest credit.

Follow our small business finance solution:

0% Credit

Credex provides an interest free credit facility to buy products and services from other businesses in the network. The credit cannot be withdrawn from the network.

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More Clients

Businesses on Credex are connected with regional customers and suppliers to boost their trading activity. We limit the number of business types on the network.

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Free Payments

Payments on the Credex platform incur zero costs and are completed instantly. Credex supports you to make transactions and supports your business cash flow.

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All businesses need reliable finance. There are many options and Credex is designed to work alongside these solutions. It provides short-term working liquidity, freeing up your capital for more productive activities.

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Proven Model

Credex is inspired by successful schemes in Italy (Sardex) and Switzerland (WIR Bank). These networks facilitate the equivalent of hundreds of millions of Euros in transactions each year. Sardex was featured in the Financial Times, the article can be read here.

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