A complementary

finance solution

for small businesses

0% Credit

Business credit for goods and services.

Expand Trade

New regional customers and suppliers.


Zero costs for payments and transfers

What is Credex?

Supporting Birmingham and the West Midlands

Credex is an innovative network for small businesses in the West Midlands. Its Business Credit Network provides benefits to companies, even if they don’t need to borrow. It offers:

  • More Trade – connect with new clients and sell more goods and services
  • Proven Concept – approach replicates highly successful networks in Switzerland and Italy
  • Zero Interest Credit – for purchasing goods and services from regional suppliers
  • Easy Repayment – repay credit through selling goods and services to other businesses
  • Flat Fee Pricing – costs are based on company size or transaction volume
  • Wider Benefits – businesses boost trade, increase profits, reduce costs and utilise spare capacity.

Small Business Lending

Business loans West Midlands alternative

Credex is a complementary solution, to use alongside other financial services. Companies can purchase supplies for their operations and repay through selling goods and services through the network. Credex works with its users to connect them to customers and suppliers, ensuring that the zero interest business credit can be spent. The credit balances are initially available for 12 months, but this is extended if the business account is actively trading. More money, more trade, more profits, what else would you business need?

Where does this work?

Replicating successful business credit networks

Credex is inspired by the successful schemes of the WIR Bank (Switzerland) and Sardex (Italy). These networks facilitate the equivalent of hundreds of millions of Euros in transactions each year. These systems provide a complementary currency that is equal to the Euro and can only be spent with businesses within their networks. Credex aims to create a similar network to meet the the finance needs of SMEs in Birmingham and the West Midlands.


Free Trial in 2018/19

Credex is looking for West Midlands small businesses

Credex is developing a business credit network in the West Midlands. It will be launching a pilot project with leading West Midlands business networks to demonstrate the value that it can have. The approach has never been tried within the UK, so Credex is offering it free for six months. Credex will launch in late 2018 and is looking for businesses that want to benefit from its development.

Poor Business Credit History

SMEs struggle to obtain small business loans

Credex will be most effective when there is a diversity of goods and services available on its network. If you are a new business or have a poor business credit history, you are still welcome to join our network. At first you will only be able to access a positive balance, until you demonstrate there is a demand for your products. Once you have satisfied our transaction volumes, you will be offered a growing level of credit. The shortest review period will be three months. We guarantee that this is the quickest way for you to borrow to expand your business.

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