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Our Company

Credex manages the network and connects companies who use it. Our role is to ensure users can buy and sell with other members.

Our Network

The credit network has businesses from across the West Midlands. They are credit checked and accept Credex as payment.

Our Technology

Credex uses market proven banking software with the latest security features. Users can connect and make transactions.

Our Company

Credex is based at the Birmingham Research Park. It recognises the shortfall of funding available to SMEs. Its founders have done research across different international markets to consider the opportunities to expand business lending in the West Midlands. Credex has developed a lending platform, that allows businesses to issue credit to one another to facilitate trade and help grow the local economy. The system of credit only operates within the Credex platform, which will be made up of a diverse range of goods and services from companies in the West Midlands. It is the aim of Credex to apply the innovative model within the region and consider the benefits that can be had by participating businesses.

Our Network

The Credex system relies on a network to ensure its credit can be spent. Our initial focus is to grow the network within the West Midlands, as it has a strong heritage of small manufacturing businesses. Credex believes that through the creation of a network businesses will be able to find new customers and connect with local suppliers. It will allow businesses to grow and reduce costs.


Our Technology

Over the past ten years there has been advances and innovation within financial technology. Consumers are now used to transacting online with Internet banking. Credex uses a market proven banking platform that it knows is reliable and secure. Building its company on such a strong technology gives Credex and its customers the confidence to get on and do business. Credex provides an online portal for you to connect to potential customers and suppliers, alongside mobile applications for Android and Apple. Our systems take the hassle out of accessing credit and making payments.

Regional Economy

Credex hopes to apply its unique business model within the West Midlands to grow the regional economy. Providing zero interest credit to businesses that can only be spent within our network, will allow businesses to operate more efficiency and support the regional economy. Credex also believes it is the quickest and cheapest way to finance startups. The development of the Credex network will also allow businesses in the West Midlands to operate more sustainably. The network connects businesses within the region that will allow the reductions in miles travelled within their supply chains. This should result in reductions in carbon emissions and the removal of unnecessary vehicles from the region’s roads.

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