Who are Credex?


Our Company

Credex manages the network and connects its users. We ensure they can buy and sell with other members.


Our Network

The credit network has diverse businesses. They are credit checked and accept Credex as payment.


Our Technology

Market proven banking software with the latest security. Users can connect and make transactions.

Our Vision:

Finance should be the lubricant of trade, not the barrier.

For small business it is expensive. We believe that a Business Credit Network can address this problem.

We aim to provide small businesses in the West Midlands with the tools to connect, transact and thrive.


Our Team:

Stuart Bowles

Stuart Bowles is a PhD Candidate at the University of Birmingham. He has background in socioeconomic innovation and sustainability. He is currently the operations lead and will help shape the business strategy.



Max Edwards

Max has 16 years experience working and consulting in the IT industry, including designing and building a lending platform for Barclays. He is the technical lead for Credex and will help develop its business processes.



Matteo Vanzini

Matteo has a background in complementary currency and sustainable development. He has worked in two of the Italian business credit networks and brings opertional and technical expertise to the team.



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