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0% Credit

Access free credit to expand your business. It will be a free trial at zero interest.


We are replicating a €100million market. Position your business at the centre of it.


Our staff will focus on connecting your business to new customers and suppliers.


We’ll develop based on user feedback. Benefit from shaping the future of this marketplace.

What do I need to know?

Credex believes that the system of credit on the network requires a critical mass of around 300 diverse businesses. There are around 890,000 businesses in the West Midlands. Credex is therefore running the network free of charge in 2018/19 for six months. Businesses will be able to access to following features, for free:

0% Credit – Businesses will be able to make payments and obtain credit
Brokerage – Businesses will have our broker team connecting them with new regional clients and suppliers
Utilise Capacity – Businesses will be able to sell underutilised goods and services
Publicity – Businesses will benefit from our marketing campaigns, that have already received international attention
Connect – Businesses will make new valuable contacts within the region
Feedback – Businesses will be able to shape the Credex Network to ensure it works for them

What are the risks to my business?

The system that Credex is developing is new to the UK. Although it has proven very successful in other markets around the world, there will be still risks in its development. You should be aware of the following:

Credit Contract – Your business will need to settle accounts in GBP Sterling if it leaves the network with a negative balance.
Processes – Our processes will be new, you may have to bare with us when dealing with issues.
Platform – We are building our system on market-proven banking software, but their will always be bugs.
Connections – It may take time for suitable connections to come on to the network.
Failure – We have enough resources to run the network until Q3 2021. But it may fail, meaning you will not have to repay credit balances, or you may not be able to purchase further goods and services.

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