Spending too much time networking?

Parity enhances local relationships and facilitates trade.

How does it work? (58 secs)


A new sales channel

Members interact on our mobile and online marketplace. You can connect to new customers and develop longstanding relationships in the Jewellery Quarter.

Marketing Support
Trade Brokerage
Online Directory

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Marketing Support

Members are promoted to other business, both inside and outside of Parity.

Promote your business
Raise awarenesss
Obtain new clients

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Trade Brokerage

We’ll identify opportunities and connect you to new local clients and suppliers.

Sales assistance
Business connections
Trade advisor

west midlands business directory

Online Directory

Feature in our online and mobile application and boost your visibility.

Limited by business sector
Company information
Connect locally


New Sales Opportunities

Our mobile and online applications will connect to a new local marketplace in the Jewellery Quarter. Grow your business through #digitalnetworking.



“Parity gives me another sales channel for stock that would have been otherwise unsold. I can connect with new clients and spend 0% credit for my business needs.”

Bevil Williams, Director
Repc Ltd

Connect with Parity and grow together

Parity is for independent businesses in the Jewellery Quarter that want to trade more locally. It will connect you with new customers and opportunities.