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cost your


Three Simple Pricing Options:

Pay As You Go

No subscription, no commitment. Flat transaction fee based on business size.


Unlimited transactions, month by month. Flat fee based on business size.


Unlimited transactions, all year. Flat fee based on business size.

Free Trial 2018/19

Six month free trial for all West Midlands businesses

Credex is launching with business networks within the West Midlands to trial its system and demonstrate its benefits. The system will work if there is enough business diversity within the network, so more the merrier. If the following apply:

  • West Midlands Based – companies must be based in the West Midlands
  • Want More Trade – companies must be able to handle more trading activity
  • Want More Connections – companies must want new clients and suppliers

The free trial will also provide the option of the zero interest credit facility. The following applies:

  • Zero Interest – the credit facility is, and always will be, interest free
  • Easy Repayment – companies repay their balances by selling more goods and services
  • Requirement – companies will need to settle balances in GBP Sterling if they leave the network

If the 2018/19 six month free trial is of interest to you, please follow the below link.

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