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A network of companies who accept Credex.

Think of it as a zero interest overdraft which you can purchase your supplies with.

Repayment is easy. Just sell into the network.

Boost Profitability. Any surpluses take as profit.

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Benefits of Credex:

More Customers

Connect with new clients and boost sales.

Flexible Liquidity

Access zero interest credit when your business needs it.

Free Transfers

Make payments without incurring unnessecary costs.

Local Partners

Build resilience and reduce transport costs.

Trade Brokerage

Our team will work to connect you to new businesses.

Free Up Capital

Pay with Credex and use your Sterling more productively.

Regional Procurement

Public and private procurement opportunities.


Promote your business across the region.

How does the credit work?

Credit is issued within the business network.

It can only be spent with companies in the network.

Equal to the value of the Pound, but not convertible.

Easily add it to your business accounts.

Repay credit or profit by selling to the network.

How to connect?

Register your interest in our network.

We’ll review your company and analyse opportunities.

The first three months are on us.

Buy. Sell. Expand your contacts and boost profitability.

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