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Credex offers a platform where businesses can connect to local businesses and spend zero interest credit.

The platform can be accessed from a mobile application or through a web application.

It will boost trade, support cash flow and make your business more resilient.

Benefits of Credex:

More Customers

Connect with new clients and boost sales.

Flexible Liquidity

Access zero interest credit when your business needs it.

Free Transfers

Make payments without incurring unnessecary costs.

Local Partners

Build resilience and reduce transport costs.

Trade Brokerage

Our team will work to connect you to new businesses.

Free Up Capital

Pay with Credex and use your Sterling more productively.

Regional Procurement

Local procurement opportunities.


Promote your business across the region.

Founding Member Offer

Lifetime Free Membership

Credex offers small businesses a platform to access a new local market. It provides more trading opportunities and access to zero interest credit. We are currently recruiting one company from a list of business categories. These companies will have all the benefits of Credex, with lifetime free membership. They will be the only one of their business category on the network until they agree otherwise.


Only one company from each business category:

See Founding Members Offer

Want to grow your business with Credex?

Credex is a business credit network that is currently open to West Midlands business. It was developed at the University of Birmingham and its currently available to businesses across the region. Whether your business is based in Birmingham, Solihull, Wolverhampton, West Bromwich, Coventry or the surrounding area, Credex is available to you. All businesses need reliable finance. There are many options and Credex is designed to work alongside these solutions. It provides short-term working liquidity, freeing up your capital for more productive activities.

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How does the credit work?

Credit is issued within the business network.

It can only be spent with companies in the network.

Equal to the value of the Pound, but can’t be withdrawn from the network.

Easily add it to your business accounts.

Repay credit or profit by selling to the network.

Credex Can Grow Your Business

Connect to new partners and boost trade.

Use zero interest credit to make purchases and free up your Pounds.

Free in 2019 for all West Midlands businesses.

See Our Founding Membership Offer

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